The Deering Estate at Cutler

The Deering Estate is a 444 acre estate that has been preserved for environmental and historical purposes. The estate is located in Palmetto Bay, Florida, and is home to lush vegetation, and a number of animal species. There are over 40 species of trees available for viewing on the property, along with butterflies, a wide variety of birds, gray foxes, skunks, squirrels, and snakes. The property has a stunning view of the water, and many have claimed to see manatees swimming about.

What is there to do you ask? There are activities for all ages! Some of the classes include ceramics, yoga, meditation, and Pilates. There are tours of the property as well. Ghost tours are a great way to get your kids involved! They have summer camps for children, as well as tour guides knowledgeable in nature, the history of the property, and the natives that first settled in the area.

The Deering Estate also holds annual seafood festivals, Night Hikes, musical performances, Mother’s Day Brunch, and other great holiday events. Weddings, conferences, and private parties are all wonderful events that are easily held at the estate.

Escape to Deering Estate at Cutler for a beautiful and educational experience!

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