September 22nd marks the first official day of fall. While in other areas of the country, autumn means crisper, cooler evenings and the once-green leaves turning shades of oranges and browns, South Floridians are still enjoying hot summer nights and green palm trees. What we do share with our Northern counterparts however, is the beginning of holiday preparation! Halloween is just around the corner and soon the aisles at our favorite shops will be jam packed with fun costumes, candy corn and trick-or-treat baskets for the little ones. Before you know it, the candy corn will be replaced by the Thanksgiving turkeys and the pumpkin patches replaced by the Christmas tree vendors. Here is a wonderful recipe for brining your turkey this holiday season.
I recommend brining when you make turkey, pork, duck or chicken. The idea is to make sure that what you’re cooking is not only tender and juicy but seasoned as well, through the brining process. The next recipe will contain a brining recipe and method. Since refrigerator space is a problem, I place my brining meats in a large plastic bag with the brine, sealed tightly and store in large iced cooler.
4 bottles Guinness or any dark beer OR 4 bottles coca cola
4 quarts water
2 cups kosher salt
6 bay leaves
2 tablespoons black cracked pepper corns
1 cup maple syrup
1 cup sour orange or combination of orange juice and lemon juice
Thoroughly rinse, drain, and pat dry prior to cooking. This brining solution is perfect for a 14-16 pound turkey.
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